Transgenders! Does God make mistakes?

The world is now a place where many don’t fear God,but walk around with reprobate minds(Romans 1:18-32),they have become the God of themselves  determining their own destiny.Jeremiah10:23.
     It’s a pity that some  people have decided to accept individuals whose mind has become reprobate  and defying God’s original plan of his creation of man,thereby deciding to terminate the perfect human that God desighned.
     When individuals  start  feeling this way we now see that there is an error in the mind of the individual, he or she has decided that God made a mistake in giving each  person their own personality of either being male or female. In the actual truth God never made a mistake,questions  should be asked about how their body parts where  able to function,why would a woman who was created with the very female hormones decide to be a man because she feels that way,and still marry a woman after the surgery.truth is you can never change the soul even if one changes the body,for the woman although a man now will always be a woman married to a woman thereby going against God’s original plan.
       I can clearly state that such people are being controlled  by vile spirits which are agents of the devil ,and need deliverance.they rebel against  God and are still rebellious so that man would miss his place in heaven.
          The church should pray for them, preach about Jesus and for  those who are children who begin to feel this way should be spoken to about God’s word and say to themselves that they are perfect the way God made them knowing that everything  was made through him John 1:1-2
       God never made a mistake,he does not make mistakes and will never make a mistake. What would they say when they stand before God,they have no esxuse. To those who have destroyed  their body you still have a chance to receive Jesus. For the scripture says do not fear he who can destroy  the body,but he that can destroy the body and soul in hell.


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