Atheism vs Theism


It’s very interesting  to see some people say that God does not exist giving one a radical drive to believe that everything  created itself and that man lives a life based on his own his own ideas,rules and form of morality.they do good because it’s a necessity so they assume.
      In defending themselves they claim that only science can be a proof to creation and existence. For me I see them as a lawless set of individuals  who do not want to be subject to God’s leadership, wanting  to live life based on their own terms. Ecclesiasties 12:13-14. I would say that if they base the existence   of God on science then maybe science can talk about death,why do we die and how is life on the other side. ecclesiasties 3:21, 12:7
      Atheism is based on fear,fear of the unknown so it makes you feel a sense of unnecessary  power of having dominion over oneself . The bible clearly states that only  a fool says there  is no God proverbs 38 :1, whether we like it or not every thing has a beginning  and an end and that beginning  and end starts with God.
      Genesis tells us the very beginning  of creation,showing  God’s very existence of a world created from darkness,and man in his very own image. Apart from the bible, Saint Augustine  who was a philosopher gave four things that showed that God existed
1. motion- This showed that everything moved based on the existance of God,nothing can move on its own terms. 2. Orderliness – Everything in life is orderly,the ants know when to gather their food,the birds know when to build their nest,day comes and gives way for night.
3.cause effects – Anything  that happens has a cause,nothing happens with a cause thereby causing other things to happen,everything that happens is as a reasult of something  that has happened it’s in a circle.
4.constigencies-The existence  and non existance of a thing.
     If one believes and holds to his claim on the face that christainity  has no proof then how is it that every thing that has been invented my scientists do not function  without it being controlled.can a phone create itself,or a car invent itself. We must realise that we are a replica of  God himself and each have his creative who wants to boast about the facts that there is no God even in our  deepest mind we know nothing cannot come to be,without another.
           In other words the battle of Atheism  and theism still remains but God still wins in all for their very breath just like mine is still controlled by him,and in him we have hope as he has offered his son Jesus,for we know where we are going.
    But their hope lies in the emptiness of their believe.


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