Homosexuality A Spiritual Disorder

I often wonder  when people say that to be gay  or lesbian is a natural way in which God made them, I do not know  if they accept that lie so that they would feel good about themselves.
             For me it’s a spiritual disorder that destroys a person’s concience,thereby allowing the control of vile spirits.
       How can one love the same sex,Well people do such when they have a reprobate mind so they are open or given up to vile spirits
    When God created man,he created both male and female  (Adam and Eve) and not Adam and Adam or Eve and Eve.
   If everyone  married the same sex,then where would all the people in the world  be,that’s why God said go into the world and multiply and subdue the earth, how can someone try to alter God’s perfect plan of man and woman.
        If one doesn’t find fulfillment  in the opposite sex,then that is a spiritual  disorder  that needs fixing that can only be done by Jesus.
      One can truly say that  the world is a crazy  place, for there is everything wrong with those gay pastors or so called preachers who turn the gospel the other way to soothe themselves  instead of seeking spiritual  healing and deliverance of that feeling that destroys  the soul.
         We can all say all the things we want,but deep down we know what is right or wrong. Be not deceived God is not mocked for whatever a man sows so shall he reap.
        It might  not be here right now,but what about eternity  when we stand before him.


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