Christainity is not Religion

I have come to the complete knowledge, based on truths from the scriptures that the whole bible points to Jesus and it’s being centered on him.
         To be a christain is to be Christ like,just as lst John chapter 2:6 states  that we should walk as he did.
          Religion to me is a whole bunch of rules and regulations,do’s  and don’ts all associated to how man feels best to do a particular  worship. Christainity is not about traditions, but about having the power of Christ in you and walking with the Holy Spirit.
            It’s not about the way you walk talk or even laugh,Jesus had issues with the pharisees, like washing his hands before eating,the issue of healing on the sabbath, if we truly understand  that what shapens  our christainity is the Holy spirit and what he teaches us 1st John 2:27.
         People seem to misunderstand the truth that going to church  does not mean that one is a christian, the question  should be asked have you received Jesus into your  life, do you have a personal relationship  with the Holy Spirit, and is your life based on God’s word.
         If your questions  to these questions are simply no. Then you are just being religious and it’s a complete  waste of time.
       I do not believe in praying to God through any other means but through Jesus,and being a christain is the basis of being a follower  of Christ and not allowing  religion blind our eyes like the pharisees.
     We need to  understand what he desires  us to do,that’s why Paul said in philipians 3:10 All I want to know is Christ and the power that raised him from the dead ,and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings,becoming like him in his death.
          Paul knew that the basis of his believe was in Jesus alone,and that power  which is the Holy Spirit is the teacher that Jesus promised to us.
     Once we understand  that we are christains and not a religious set of individuals,then we can experience more if his power,grace and glory.


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