The power of light

I was travelling from frankfurt to London,by air when the sun’s light shone so bright it hurt my eyes I had to close the window of the plane because I sat in the window area, and then at that point I realised that when scripture says that we are the light of the world we are meant to shine so bright that darkness must give way.
        The world is in total blackout,God is no longer feared and the total understanding of transforming our lives based on God’s word is totally  turned upside down and then meaningless things are seen as a tool for transformation  and acceptance.
         If Jesus is light and we are also light because we are like him,have we tried to shine in the places on which there is darkness, have we dimed  it that darkness is so deep that light has to be struggled to be seen.  Matthew 5:14-16 explains to us not to hide our light and the true identity of who we truly are!
      So shine today in your family,school,work and everywhere you find yourself.
     Let us all remember that we are the ones responsible for how bright our light would shine..God has played his part it’s your turn. So we should all be about word studying and word practice.
     We are the light of the world and darkness should never comprehend us.


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