Without faith

Yesterday  I was broken, and really troubled in my heart I am a human being I said as I looked at my husband who was driving.
     I wasn’t happy at all and at that moment I felt my faith slipping away from me, i was afraid that maybe God wasn’t going to do anything and at that

point i realised I was letting the devil slip in, I was loosing it and allowing scriptures to  be broken which said that without faith it’s impossible to please God.
      Now  I know that even if I have not seen it yet,I have what I am praying for. I refuse to be afraid and allow God’s word  act. Like the scripture  says calling those things that are not as if though  they where!
    There is still a little pinch somewhere in my heart but I refuse to allow my human mind,mixed with logic and reason overpower me.
    I refuse to stay without faith. And continue to believe in the finished work of the cross.


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