Praising and worshiping God


Music was created by God for His worship and praise,the host of heaven sing to him exalting him and acknowledging him as God over all things.
    When we praise and worship God we tell him that we appreciate  him and love him in return  as he first loved draws down blessings upon us,delivers us when we are in trouble,sooths our minds when we are not at peace and reassures us that heaven is a reality.
    When we understand  that music is solely for  God,we would sing to him just as David sang the psalms.and adore him forever.     

A 10-year-old in Atlanta escaped a kidnapper in the most improbable way. Now, a number of organizations in the area are teaming up to offer a $10,000 reward in the investigation.
On the night of March 31, Willie Myrick was outside taking care of his pet Chihuahua. The boy spotted a few dollars near a tree. When he walked over to the money, a man grabbed Willie and forced him into a four-door Honda Civic.
“He was cursing at me, telling me to shut up, and didn’t
want to hear a word from me,” Willie recalled to WSB-TV in Atlanta. “He said if I told anyone he would hurt me, like, in a bad way.”
The man drove around for three hours before leaving Willie on the side of a road in East Point, Ga. According to the
fourth grader, the reason the man released him is because Willie irritated him with gospel music. Willie sang the track, “Every Praise” by Hezekiah Walker repeatedly until he was
set free.
Stranded miles from his home, Willie went door-to-door seeking help. After one person turned him away, an elderly
man across the street called the police and contacted Willie’s guardian.
Willie escaped the situation physically unscathed. He was examined at a hospital before returning home.
Community leaders in Atlanta are now stepping up to help find Willie’s kidnapper. According to WSB, a group of churches, civic organizations, and businesses are offering the $10,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the kidnapper.
“Our concern is not just the city of Atlanta boundaries,”
said Michael Langford, speaking for the coalition behind the reward. “It’s the society in general. It’s metro Atlanta.
We’ve seen a number of attacks.”
But as authorities continue their investigation, Willie’s family is offering their own praise that his love of gospel
music might have saved his life.
Story from Yahoo! News
April 23 2014


Transgenders! Does God make mistakes?

The world is now a place where many don’t fear God,but walk around with reprobate minds(Romans 1:18-32),they have become the God of themselves  determining their own destiny.Jeremiah10:23.
     It’s a pity that some  people have decided to accept individuals whose mind has become reprobate  and defying God’s original plan of his creation of man,thereby deciding to terminate the perfect human that God desighned.
     When individuals  start  feeling this way we now see that there is an error in the mind of the individual, he or she has decided that God made a mistake in giving each  person their own personality of either being male or female. In the actual truth God never made a mistake,questions  should be asked about how their body parts where  able to function,why would a woman who was created with the very female hormones decide to be a man because she feels that way,and still marry a woman after the surgery.truth is you can never change the soul even if one changes the body,for the woman although a man now will always be a woman married to a woman thereby going against God’s original plan.
       I can clearly state that such people are being controlled  by vile spirits which are agents of the devil ,and need deliverance.they rebel against  God and are still rebellious so that man would miss his place in heaven.
          The church should pray for them, preach about Jesus and for  those who are children who begin to feel this way should be spoken to about God’s word and say to themselves that they are perfect the way God made them knowing that everything  was made through him John 1:1-2
       God never made a mistake,he does not make mistakes and will never make a mistake. What would they say when they stand before God,they have no esxuse. To those who have destroyed  their body you still have a chance to receive Jesus. For the scripture says do not fear he who can destroy  the body,but he that can destroy the body and soul in hell.

Be kind and encouraging

Love is not conceited (arrogant and inflated with
pride); it is not rude (unmannerly) and does not act
unbecomingly. Love (God’s love in us) does not insist on its
own rights or its own way, for it is not self-seeking; it is
not touchy or fretful or resentful; it takes no account of
the evil done to it [it pays no attention to a suffered wrong].
1 Corinthians 13:5
I have learned that one of the secrets to my own personal peace is letting people be who God made them to be,ratherthan trying to make them be who I would like them to be.                                     I do my best to enjoy their strengths and be merciful toward
their weaknesses because I have plenty of my own.                                                    I don’t need to try to take the speck out of their eye while I have
a telephone pole in my own.
A woman I know was widowed not long ago, and she was telling me about her relationship with her husband. This
woman is pretty strong-willed and likes things to go her
way. She told me that when she was first married, she noticed a lot of things about her husband that annoyed her.
Like any good wife, she told her husband about his annoying
traits and habits so he could change.
Gradually it dawned on her that although she was very good
about telling her husband all the things about him that
needed to change, he never returned the favor!                                                  As she wondered why, she realized that somewhere along the line
her husband had made a decision not to look at—or for—
her flaws. He knew she had plenty! But he wasn’t going to
focus on them. It occurred to her that she could continue
to point out all his annoying traits—or she could choose not
to, just as her husband had done.
At the end of our conversation, she told me that in the
twelve years they were married, her husband never said an
unkind word to her. I think we can all take a lesson from
Trust in Him Ask God to help you be kind to everyone. Don’t
say an unkind word today—focus on the strengths of the
people you come in contact with, and do all that you can to
encourage them.
From the book Trusting God Day by Day by Joyce Meyer.
Copyright © 2012 by Joyce Meyer. Published by FaithWords.
All rights reserved.



The times we live in today seem rife with uncertainty, dangers, and fears. Yet, amid all the bad news you may hear, let your heart be strengthened by God’s promise of protection for you, His beloved child. He declares to you: You shall not be afraid of the terror by night, nor of the arrow that flies by day, nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness, nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday.
(Psalm 91:5–6)

As you read the following stories of God’s protection for His people , know that as He did for the precious people in these stories, your heavenly Father is also watching over you and your loved ones today. Expect Him to hide you
under His wings, be your refuge, and keep you safe.
When the Lord is your refuge, “surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence. He shall cover you with His
feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler” (Psalm 91:3–4).
Let these stories show you how God is in the protection business today, and live with confidence that when it comes to your protection, He who watches over you neither slumbers not sleeps (see Psalm 121:4).

“All glory be to Jesus for His
supernatural protection in the midst of this dangerous cyclone.”


October 12, 2014 was a day many living in Visakhapatam, India, would not soon forget. That day, Cyclone Hudhud, bringing with it winds of 127mph, hit this beautiful coastal city of Andhra Pradesh, leaving destruction and chaos in its wake. As Nathan, along with the rest of the city, heard the news of the imminent arrival of Cyclone Hudhud—classified as a “very severe cyclonic storm” by the India Meteorological Department— he remembers how his heart plunged to the depths of his being.

Nathan and his family lived in an old house on the beachfront. How was it going to brave and withstand the merciless onslaught of the cyclone?
It didn’t have a chance, unlike the newer and sturdier houses that lined the beachfront. Visions of his house destroyed to bits and blown away
filled his mind.

As mass panic and frenzy gripped the city, Nathan chose not to give in to fear. At that moment, the Holy Spirit brought to memory Pastor Joseph
Prince’s teaching about the power of the anointing oil. Quickly, Nathan found a bottle of anointing oil and applied the oil to all the doorsand windows of his old house, an expression of his looking to Jesus’ finished work at the cross to keep his family, his house and all their possessions safe.
By the grace of God, Nathan and his family survived the cyclone. Amazingly, so did their house! All the doors and windows were still intact.
Only one glass pane had shattered during the cyclone! Nothing else was lost in the cyclone. In contrast, the newer and sturdier houses that
surrounded theirs were all destroyed, with parts washed away or strewn everywhere as debris.

As Nathan and his family gazed at the extensive destruction that characterized the aftermath of the cyclone, all they could do was to be grateful to the Lord Jesus for His protection and be on hand to help others ravaged by the storm.

“All glory be to Jesus for His supernatural protection in the midst of this dangerous cyclone,”

a grateful Nathan wrote to say.

“And thank you, Pastor Prince, for your teachings.”

“It then dawned on me that perhaps the driver of this car was an angel sent by God to protect me.”


While driving on the highway to Florida one day with her daughter, Stephanie found herself driving behind a big eighteen-wheeler truck. As she was driving, she noticed a car trying to
squeeze itself between her car and the massive vehicle. Annoyed at the insistence of the driver, she wondered,

“Why are you trying to get in front
of me? You have the whole left lane of the highway to yourself.”

Right then, Stephanie heard a voice inside he telling her to be quiet. The driver of the car seemed extremely adamant about driving between her car and the truck, so Stephanie decided to give way and allow the car to get in front of her.
Immediately after Stephanie let the car cut into her lane, a tire from the eighteen-wheeler exploded, sending scraps of rubber hurtling in her direction.
To her astonishment, the car continued to stay in front of her car, blocking and taking the greatest impact of the flying pieces of tire full on! Interestingly, the driver didn’t seem fazed by the blown tire bits that flew straight at his car—the car kept going at a steady, even pace without
swerving. After all the tire pieces had ceased coming from the truck, the car returned to the left side of the road and drove off in a flash.

“It then dawned on me that perhaps the driver of this car was an angel sent by God,”

Stephanie said.

“I was so encouraged to know that God protects us in these days and times! I am so grateful for the much-needed message of grace.”

“I saw firsthand how the world could
not harm my little grandson…He is now
a walking testimony of the protection,
power and love of God.”


Initial joy at hearing she would soon be a grandmother turned into cold fear when Koreen received news that her grandson, Joey, would be born three months premature. Little Joey was born weighing 1lb 7oz. And when he was in the hospital for six months, he had to
undergo three surgical procedures—harrowing ordeals for any preemie.
The family’s dreams of seeing their beautiful, healthy boy laugh, play, and grow up like other children were crushed when doctors told them
that the baby’s survival rate was low. They were told that even if Joey survived, he would have significant development delays due to extreme
prematurity. A sense of unbearable grief filled Koreen’s heart as she helplessly watched her grandson’s struggle for survival.

At the time of his hospitalization, medical staff asked Joey’s mother if she wanted a Bible verse to be placed above his incubator. Disheartened and
at a complete loss, Joey’s mother gave them Psalm 91 as her scripture of choice. Little did Koreen or her daughter know how this psalm would reveal the miracle-working power of God in Joey’s life.

During his six months in hospital, Joey’s had a surgery on his heart and two more on his stomach.
Amazingly, he fared so well during his surgeries that the doctor commented,

“I don’t think he realizes that he is supposed to be sick.”

Hope filled their family’s hearts as Joey continued to recover —and once more, Koreen found renewed strength to believe that God would continue to watch over and heal little Joey.
Koreen wrote to us to describe her story with her walking, talking—and growing—miracle from God:

“My grandson is now six years old with no developmental delays. He is advanced in almost every area, not behind in any way or having delayed development in his mind, body, or spirit.”

After listening to Pastor Joseph Prince’s message about the power of Psalm 91, Koreen believes that God took her precious grandson into the secret
place of the Most High, under His wings—an unshakable refuge where He kept Joey safe, and imparted His divine healing to this little boy’s body.
Bubbling over with thankfulness in her heart, Koreen declared at the end of her email:

“I saw firsthand how the world could not harm my little grandson…He is now a walking testimony of the protection, power, and love of God.”

Live with confidence as you entrust your life and the lives of your loved ones to the protection, grace, and love of God.

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